Father Thomas J. F. Ryan Council #5036
Knights of Columbus
Celebrating 57 Years
of Service to the
Church and Community
1960 - 2017
Father Michael J. McGivney
(Founder of our Order)


9090 Old Bustleton Avenue     Philadelphia, PA 19115  
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The mission of the Knights of Columbus hasn’t changed since its founding in 1882.  Our Founder, Father Michael J. McGivney established a ”lay organization, the goal of which would be to prevent Catholic men from entering secret societies whose membership was antithetical to Church teaching, to unite men of Catholic faith and to provide for the families of deceased members.”   

The challenges of 1882 are still ever present in the world we live in, making the work of the Knights of Columbus just as important in our community today.   We have grown from helping families of deceased members to providing aid and comfort worldwide.  The mission of the Knights of Columbus is driven by its founding principles of charity, unity, and fraternity.   We at Father Ryan practice these very same principles in all of our activities.  In addition, we focus much of our energy on fostering the growth of children to become strong Catholic citizens.

Our Charitable activities at Father Ryan not only address the needs of our parishioners, but people in our community, city, and beyond.   We accomplish this through our initiatives such as the annual Thanksgiving Basket program.  While we have shifted from providing actual food baskets to supermarket gift cards, one thing that has not changed is the need for assistance.   This member funded program provided over $2,000 worth of assistance to members of our parishes last year.    Another member supported program is our recent participation in a Lenten food program, “40 Cans for 40 Days”.   The food collected is delivered to Philabundance for further distribution to organizations in the Philadelphia area.  We also participate in large relief programs in response to a natural disaster.   We are united in our council knowing that together we can make a greater impact than individually.

One of the goals of our Order is to provide for the families of deceased members.   Today this is partially accomplished by an insurance program created by Father McGivney.  The insurance program is open to all members and provides economical insurance and other financial investment opportunities.  Similarly, we also provide assistance for a Catholic education to families of our parishes.   We have provided over $30,000 in tuition assistance to our 3 parish grade schools.   Each year, during Catholic Schools week, we donate money to each school’s tuition assistance program.  

We invest our time and resources into developing the children of parishes to grow to be strong Catholic citizens.   Aside from our tuition assistance, the free throw competition is a healthy and fun event in a safe environment, which is always started and concluded with a prayer.   The boys and girls who win go on to represent their schools and our council in regional and statewide competitions.   We also have an essay contest for our grade school and high school students.   The topics challenge them to write about how their Catholic faith interacts in today’s society.    These activities are not only beneficial to the children, but also the membership of our council as, again, we unite to build a strong Catholic community.

These are just some examples of how, at Father Thomas Ryan Council 5036,  we work, united with one another, to fulfill the goals that Father Michael J. McGivney had in mind when he organized the Knights of Columbus.

Grand Knight
     David Montvydas

Deputy Grand Knight
     William Schmitt

District Deputy
     Clinton Snyder

Membership Chairman
     Domenic Marzullo

Insurance Field Agent
William Urban  

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